Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Craftiness!

My sweet baby is getting oh so big. She's almost 7 months old. SEVEN! I love everything she's doing from sitting up by her big-girl self to blowing raspberries of slobber everywhere to her belly laughs. LOVE this child. We have so much fun together. And ooohhhh boy, can she snuggle!! Sweet little snuggle piglet. It's hard not to squeeze the poop out of her. :)

She's getting to that age when I can start utilizing some if my millions of Pinterest boards. I love Halloween time because there are so many crafty things that I can make for her. Next year, we will be doing some crafts together, but for now, while she's still figuring out how her hands work, I'll take care of the crafts. I made her a peacock outfit and we ventured to Boo at the Zoo last weekend. She loved it and she wore that costume like a true diva.

Let me just say that making a no-sew tutu is, like, the easiest thing in the world. And el cheap-o. I'll be making her a Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND Easter tutu, thank you very much. She will never want to see a tutu again by the time I'm done with her. Ha! I just googled how to make it and followed the 'ole instructions. All I had to do was tie the tulle around the elastic. Done. Then I just found a plain black headband and hot-glued a bunch of peacock-looking crap to it and viola! A peacock she was!

Of course, no costume is complete without the mother dressing up to match the kid. You know, 'cause it still has to be about me at least a little bit. I peacock-ified my eye makeup. What a nerd!

We had a great time at the zoo as a little family! Can't wait for the next holiday so that I can use it as an excuse to play dress-up with my sweet daughter!