Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Things I Will Miss About Being Pregnant. And 5 Things I Won't.

Being pregnant for the first time has been such a cool experience. It's nothing and everything like I thought it would be all at the same time! When I first found out I was pregnant back on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - it didn't seem real. I mean I didn't really know what I was looking at.  I peed on like 4 of those little tests! The first time, I thought I was crazy, but then the rest of them didn't really help convince me. The little + sign was so faint and I didn't want to get overly excited without being 100% sure. But when I showed baby daddy, he agreed that it was positive!! Laissez les bons temps roule!

 Now that I am this close to popping this kid out, I know there will definitely be things that I am going to miss. And sure, things that I won't.

Here are the 10 things that I am definitely going to miss about being pregnant:

1. Feeling those awesome, no-better-feeling-in-the-world rolls and kicks and squirms. They stop me in my tracks and I love 'em. It's kind of like butterflies in your belly, topped with what you think a human moving in around in your belly would feel like. That's really how it feels! Just like you think it would feel. I will definitely miss that.

2. Not knowing what to expect or when to expect it! I love the unknown - even the stuff that isn't so pleasant. It's crazy the things that happen to a woman's body when we get pregnant - and some of it is, let's face it, gross! But it's kinda comical. Like, for instance, clearing my husband out of a room because of one of my farts - instead of the other way around. What goes around comes around, dear!

3. Feeling her little butt in my belly. I love when I know what a body part is that's moving around - and really, the only one I know for sure that I'm feeling is her little butt. Bah!

4.Using the "I'm eating that because I'm pregnant" excuse. I will definitely miss my nightly ice cream or brownie, or cake, or Oreo Blizzard, or cookie. I was not shy at all about taking full advantage of being pregnant to indulge in whatever sinful dessert presented itself. Or even the ones that didn't present themselves {Glennnnnn....will you go get me a Blizzard???}. Those days are slowly coming to an end. Instead of every night, I'm down to just a few nights a week of enjoying something sweet. And sometimes that consists of a tall glass of Ovaltine.

5. Taking full advantage of not "overdoing" it. I am so very guilty of that. I really do try my best to still do the little things on my own, like getting off the couch unassisted, for example. But sometimes, I ask Glenn to put my socks on because I am just plum worn out. I don't think he'll go for that once I am no longer with child.

6. Sleeping all the time. I will definitely miss that. There is no need to elaborate on this.

7. I'm going to miss the mystery of what she will look like! I love surprises and we didn't do any of the 3 or 4D ultrasounds because I want it to be a surprise! I'll miss the anticipation, but at the same time, I'll be so ecstatic to meet her, I will likely forget about this one very quickly.

8. Using the "I'm pregnant" excuse to get out of doing stuff I don't feel like doing. Like carrying things. Or bringing the groceries in. And unloading the dishwasher, which is definitely the stupidest and #1 most-hated chore in the universe. I will seriously pay someone in chocolate to come unload my dishwasher every other day.

9. Wearing sweatpants {I call them my "pregnant pants"} and/or workout clothes basically on a daily basis. I have the most comfortable clothes on 90% of the time and I will definitely miss using my big belly as an excuse to be a slob. At least I'm still showering daily, though!

10. Being pregnant for the first time in general. The whole experience has been incredible and I will definitely miss it. I will never be pregnant again for the first time and that's kind of a sad pill to swallow.

And now, let's not neglect the things that I definitely won't miss!

1. Heartburn and indigestion. It's awful and there is just no nice way of putting that. It sucks.

2. Not being able to get comfortable, especially at night. I would love to be able to sit up in bed and read a book like a normal human, but I have to get really creative in the way in which I contort myself in order to stay comfortable whilst reading. It's exhausting.

3. Not being able to eat mass quantities of food. I can't eat hardly anything anymore because there is just no room in there! I miss going for seconds. However, I can't really say that this is a bad thing! It's because of this that I have managed to keep my pregnancy weight gain under 30 pounds.

4. Not being able to workout like the beast that I usually am. I'll eat those words later, I'm sure, but I really do miss working out. I'm looking forward to my first spin class after Olivia's arrival.

5. This daggone costochondritis. {Go ahead and Google that. I'll be right here waiting.} I have had it the ENTIRE time and it's relentless. Sometimes I am able to forget about it, but other times, it's really difficult to ignore. I will be glad when it subsides.

Overall, my pregnancy has been darn good to me. Which can only mean one thing for the birth itself: It will be hell. But, like all mothers out there keep telling me, totally worth it!!


  1. Love this!! You're going to be an awesome mother.

    1. YAY! Lauren!! My first commenter!! :) Thanks buddy! I'm sure I will be calling you soliciting your motherly advice every other week, so get ready. Miss you, buddy.

  2. Congratulations! Following you now :)

  3. I loved feeling the baby moving around too. This is a nice list. :)

    i agree too that there are def. some things not to miss and heartburn should top the list. ;)

    I'm visiting from Fun Friday. :)

  4. And so many other wonderful (and sometimes difficult) moments to look forward to:)
    I am your newest follower visiting from the blog hop.