Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Newborn Photography

So, I've already posted a few tips and tricks to doing your own maternity photos. But now that your baby is here, it's time to think about capturing those moments when your itty bitty is still itty bitty. It won't last long! If you splurged on your maternity photos and don't have the funds to host another professional shoot, take matters into your own hands. It CAN be done, and it can be done for a reasonable price. I am still a huge supporter of professional photographers and I strongly believe that the expense is well worth the investment, but when you simply do not have the extra cash lying around, make the most of it and DIY!

Oh, and by the way, I birthed a baby! She's officially here and you can read all about it by clicking here.

My sweet baby is so easygoing and having her first photo shoot was a pleasure. She loved getting dressed up in her tutu, pearls, and head accessories. It went well, but I did do some research before delving into this little project. Here are the tips that I found for doing your own little photo shoot:

1. Feed your baby until she's milk drunk. Nice and full is the key. Wait about 10 minutes, the change the diaper. {If you want to take naked pics, take them first and FAST!}
2. Make the room very warm, like 74 or higher.
3. Set up all your goodies before feeding and diaper changing.
4. Have a big soft bed or cushiony palate ready. Put a Boppy pillow underneath a big, neutral colored blanket so that your LO can be propped up real nice.
5. Look at Pinterest for photo ideas and then come up with your own spin on them. I get tired of seeing the same crocheted hats on babies. They all look the same! Take your baby's personality and
add his or her own flair! Or create a personality for her, since you know, she's only 12 days old. I love putting U of L {for those of you living on the moon for the last month, the Louisville Cardinals won the NCAA Championship and I couldn't be more excited about it. Go Cards!} stuff on her, but instead of buying a bunch of team onesies or outfits, we did a little black and red tutu {compliments of the MIL} and I got the cutest black and red headband to match. It screams CARDINALS without actually saying it, you know?
6. You need a friend or lover boy to help you. Have neutral colored backgrounds ready for them to hold up so that you're not capturing Sparky in the background licking his butt at the same time you're  trying to capture a sweet baby moment.
7. Take some pictures while she's sleeping and some while she's awake. Both are cute and fun! And don't delete the outtakes! Those are hilar!
8. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. You don't need. 55,000 perfect pictures. Get a dozen or so great ones, and you'll be just as happy them!

Here are my faves. She's such a diva. I'm smitten.


  1. way too much cuteness going on here! love them all! congrats on your baby girl!

    1. Thanks Alex! And thanks for stopping by my little blog!

  2. Such a cutie and such great pictures!
    Finally had a chance to stop by here from ! I will be following you now!