Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Month Later

It's already been a month. A month! How is that possible?! Olivia and I are getting used to each other and we're hanging out all day together and I LOVE it. We go shopping, I read her stories, we take bubble baths, we play dress up, and we snuggle. And nap. LOTS of napping going on. Well, for her. Not so much for me. I'm busy making photo books, wasting time on Pinterest, and doing copious amounts of laundry.

So far, she kinda just stares at me when I try to play with her. She's still so little, she has no idea what the heck is going on or where the heck she is. Ha! But she's definitely starting to look around more and more. And I think she is starting to recognize my face. Before too long, she'll be driving. Ugh.

I've been looking for activities and things to do with babies as itty bitty as she is and there's a lot more to do with newborns than you'd think! I wanted to wait until she was a month old to start tummy time, and we tried that yesterday. She wasn't impressed. Of course, we'll keep trying because I know how important it is to get them on their bellies so that they can strengthen those neck muscles. I don't think we are going to have a problem with this one, though. I'll lay her on my chest to snuggle and she'll raise her little head for a few minutes at a time! She's amazingly strong. Strong like bull!

We found a great Pandora Radio Station that we love listening to - Lullaby Themes. It's awesome. I sang "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid in its entirety yesterday to Olivia. She loved it. She thinks I have the voice of an angel. She told me.

I put together a Pinterest board of activities that I cannot wait to do with my little one. I'm bummed though because by the time I will be able to do most of these with her, I will have to go back to work. Sad face. Praise God for teacher's schedules, though! And weekends.

Here's my board. Click the pic to visit. Lots of good stuff on here. Enjoy!


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  2. That baby is too cute! This is the stage where you can just hold her and be with her. lol They do not always let you do that when they are older!


  3. Sounds like you girls have been super duper busy:) So happy for you, Em! She is a precious little bud!!!

  4. Awww she is sooo precious! Enjoy it, it goes by fast! :-(