Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All Smiles

We got our first smile last week!  It was the moment that you realize that someone is actually in there! It's not just a pooping, sleeping, eating "thing" - it's a person that loves to smile. I love it. And now I cry every time she smiles at me. I don't know why.

My little girl is getting so big already. It goes by too fast. She wiggles, she's looking at everything now - and she's smiling. I can't get enough of her. We snuggle and play and she is starting to interact with me. I still don't get a smile every time I play with her, but she's only 6 weeks old and I know it will just be a matter of time before she's laughing her head off at her silly daddy. Speaking of silly, my little angel is going to be such a character. She already is, actually. See:

What a silly little goose!

Olivia experienced her first Derby 2 weeks ago. Us being from Louisville, she will get plenty of opportunities to dress up, waste money, and drink ridiculously sugary drinks. But for now, we will just take advantage of the dressing up portion. Incidentally, Olivia has a knack for gambling. ORB {Olivia's initials} won the 139th Kentucky Derby. And yes, we put a nice little bet on him to win! Olivia will be choosing our horse next year, too.

We went to the pottery place this week, too and had her little footprints put on a cute little plate. She hated it, but we loved it! I'm sure she will love eating off of a plate that her feet were once on. Ha! But it's really cute. Her name will be added by the professionals there. I did enough damage.

Last, I want to address the baby clothing situation. Whomever is responsible for sizing this stuff needs a lesson. The newborn stuff is too small and the 0-3 months stuff is too big. And there's nothing in between. Ugh. My child will likely go naked until she catches up with the "normal" sized babies.
Someone needs to design some clothes based solely on weight. Instead of weight ranges. I mean, the 0-3 month stuff is designed for babies from 8-12 lbs. 8-12 lbs!! That's 3 different sizes of bowling balls!! And we all know that different sized people use different sized bowling balls. Same thing for babies and clothing.

I may have just found a way to stay at home. But first, I would have to learn to sew.....

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